Malmö Based Designer

Are you building a brand or updating an existing product? I can help! Stacked with a variety of useful skills, ranging from user interface design to photography, I can aid you with your upcoming venture.

Illustration for graphic design.


From bright illustrations to crisp typography, design has so much to offer. In perfect balance, the principles of design--colour, composition, and shape-- you can create the exact mood or emotion for your product to excite the user.

Illustration for web design.


Is a website considered art? I would say so. When built with a modern layout, created for responsive design and structure, and embedded with search engine optimisation a website is a thing of beauty for you and your user.

Illustration for user experience.

User Experience

Designing for the user is essential. With a strong foundation of research and focus on wireframes, prototyping, user testing and accessibility your product can be enhanced for user experience and engagement.

Illustration forphotography.


Communication between your business and the consumer is essential in providing reliable services or products. With the help of photos, you can build your brand by showing a solid representation to the user.

A cartoon character version of Justin Bauer

Hi! I'm Justin Bauer

I am a creative and self driven individual who moved to Sweden in April of 2020 and I am now seeking a dedicated and ambitious team to join. For the last several years, I have focused on personal development within UX & UI, graphic, and web design with the goal of becoming a full time designer and would love to join your team!

In need of help?

I would love to join your team!

If you are seeking a new member for your creative team I would love to chat. My skills in design, photography, and knowledge of user experience will become an important asset in developing and communicating products or services with ease to the user and consumer.